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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Coming up this week...

As I mentioned before, on Saturday, we've go the first of a two-part show with the Queen Bee herself, Baraba Sobel - after which will premiere Cooking With the Doc, which promises to be a culinary instructional experience like no other.  That's 8:PM Eastern, Saturday on Rainbow Raido. Don't miss it - this is going to bigger than the Doc's prior show, and will have one wild-ass chat room. So be sure to drop in and say, "Hi!"

And then at 10:PM Eastern, on Tuesdsay, the 13th, I am pleased to welcome Terra Snover back to the program, who brings with her Hayden Black, the Writer, Creator and Director of the new animated series Gen Zed.  You may recall that Terra was on the show back in July, and the week before last, on the 29th, we were joined by Julie Rei Goldstein, the lead voice actress for the series.

And if you'd like to see what Gen Zed is is all about, here is the trailer:

Be sure to tune in!

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