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Saturday, July 21, 2012


Regrettably, I did not get a chance to post yesterday, but I heard the news throughout the day as the story unfolded.

My thoughts go out to the victims of yesterday's deadly shooting spree in Colorado and to their families.  I cannot imagine the anguish of having to bury one's child, and they have my deepest and most sincere condolences for their losses.


  1. Second the motion. I had two sons at midnight showings, one in NYC, the other in Savannah. The thought of the families' anguish is heartbreaking.
    Check your email.

  2. I feel real sorry for what happened. What kind of person would plan this type of event? Why don't people accept responsibility for their actions? Why couldn't he just slash his own wrists like every other mentally depressed person would do who feels the world hates them that much?

    However I'm sure this will be used by the anti-gun groups to call for removal of the 1st amendment. I just wish there was an easier way to take mentally ill people off the streets sooner rather than being forced to wait until after they commit horrendous crimes. The stories are he was planning this for months. If only there was a way of profiling the criminally mentally ill. But, alas, that would be criminal in its own. So we must wait until the nut-cases kill multitudes of innocent people before any actions are taken. Then the punishment will be limited for fear of 'cruelty' to the guilty. What a great system we have. We deny the authority's the ability to lock up guilty people until AFTER they commit horrendous crimes, then blame the authorities for not acting sooner, then deny the authorities a viable punishment worthy of the crime.

    1. It should have gone without saying, but this thread was not intended to be a platform for partisan political debate. I appreciate your first paragraph, but I kindly request that NO ONE respond to your second paragraph.

      What I will do however, if only to prevent myself from breaking my own request, will be to put it up, in full, in my next post. We can all "have at it" there.

      Thank you.

    2. That would be good. I'm looking forward to that happening. Since your current stance on gun control is quite vague and generalized at the same time.