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Monday, July 30, 2012

Gold Star Awards, July, 2012

MADE IT! July's awards will be out on time! (Hey, what can I say? It's the small things!)

The year is 1977 - One BWAA Gold and two Silver's from the Veteran's Committee:

The ERNIE BANKS Gold Star #54: Unnatural Acts That Can Improve Your Thinking

This blog belongs to my all-time online hero, Professor Bob Carroll, author of the [Gold Star Winner] Skeptic's Dictionary and the newly release book Unnatural Acts (which I highly recommend).  This is a sort of platform to highlight and expand on some of the topics in the book, and allow for some discussion on them, questions, examples, etc... It a great supplement to both Skepdic and Unnatural Acts, and I look forward to, well... Pretty mush ANYTHING Professor Carroll does!  So check it out!

The AMOS RUSIE Silver Star #51: This Commercial Sucks!

Are you sick of our way too materialistic culture? How about the fact that Madison Avenue seems to keep making commercials that would be great satire, except that they are intended to be taken in earnest?!  Well, If you've ever seen a Television commercial and thought, "Why is there one black guy going camping with three white guys?" or doubted that Fast Food could really taste THAT GOOD or are just tired of the man on TV talking down to you as if some gadget was all that was standing between you and happiness, then this site if for you.  Funny as hell, skewering commercials both historical and contemporary and (sadly) showing that we haven't come all that far in the process.  Well put together, well written. Check it out!

The JOE SEWELL Silver Star #52: Awesome People Hanging Out Together

Pretty much just what it says!  These tumblr is a beautiful collection of photographs taken over the past half century or so of... well, awesome people hanging out together!  Mostly candid shots of actors, athletes, politicians, philanthropists, captains of industry, artists, authors, directors and other luminaries in their more human moments.  It's impossible for me to pick a favorite, but here's one of Bob Dylan and Muhammad Ali to give you an idea...
So check it out!  Some really great images there, of some truly awesome people.


  1. Come on, Eddie, quit triggering nostalgia binges.
    I met Muhammed Ali when we were both young and beautiful, on the Metroliner from NYC to DC. He borrowed a pen from me so he could sign an autograph. Can you believe that someone would go for his autograph over mine, a soap opera 'star?'

    That is, BTW, a joke. I'm sure you're aware of that, Eddie but, well, you know.

  2. Classius Clay was my first crush. (I was barely more than a toddler.) He was sooo pretty! My crush on a soap star was 1050. Granted there were a few years between the two. ;>)