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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Please comment!

OK, not so sure how this will work, but...

I'm finally clearing out my in-box, and over the past few months I've gotten emails from both Willam and Conchobhar complaining that they've had trouble posting comments.

...And part of me would LOVE to say (in all its ironic glory) "So anyone having trouble, please leave a comment and let me know!"


I'd still like to test the system though so, if you could, if you're reading this, would you PLEASE leave a simple comment on this thread ("hi" would work just fine) letting me know that you STILL CAN.  And if you CAN'T (and would like to let me know this) please email me at niceguy9418@usa.com, if you're having trouble.



  1. I think we only had problems on the 'long' posts. I found out after-ward that there was a "load more" link at the end of the comments. I'm pretty sure that was my problem ... I just didn't follow directions properly. Once I figured that out I had no further problems. But I can't say for sure if that was the same problem Conchobhar was having. I sure had fun teasing him about it, though ;) LOL

  2. I've had trouble since the beginning of the month, short or long. The 'load' and 'load more' links have helped, but inconsistently. Posts, and entire conversations, sometimes disappear.

  3. Just went back to 'Delusions of Grandeur' to check, and found a number of posts missing, including one where I mentioned the problem. Also missing is William's stunning riposte.

  4. Thanks, guys. I did finally think to check the SPAM filter and I DID find four (but just four) undeniably legitimate comments that got caught up in there. I've restored those, and they should be visible now. (And this HAS been a problem at various times. ClassicLIberal's comments were ending up there about 75% of time for awhile there.)

    Unfortunately there was also eight comments that almost looked legit - save for the extremely broken english and 'anonymous' poster handle - but the all ended with a link to a site that apparently sold BOTH Viagra AND mortgae refinancing. (Seriously.) THOSE, I just deleted.

    I'm almost surprised there were only eight. I've been lucky that this blog has remained basically spam-free for so long. As long as that keeps up I won't have any 'captcha' or other anti-spam measures.

    (And I'll try to check the spam filter more often.)

    Please note: It is my express policy to NEVER delete comments, outside of blatant spam, as a matter of principle. Nor will I ever 'ban' users, again outside of those stupid enough to post spam under a non-anonymous handle. (And to be clear, links back to personal blogs are always welcome - I do this myself whenever a site doesn't automatically provide for it in the avatar/handle.)

  5. Sorry to breach your 'one comment' rule, Eddie, but I've always had a problem with authority :/
    I can think of a half dozen posts, all in Delusions of Grandeur, which disappeared. (All of them were, wouldn't you know it, ineffably brilliant) I found some of them a week or two back, by clicking on the "load more" link, but no longer. On the theory that my 'do not track' settings have something to do with it, I'm going to try again the next time I can get to a library computer.

  6. Thanks for your diligent work, Eddie.
    Really?, classicliberals comments were 75% spam? Go figure. LOL

    The delusion comments have become so many that it takes longer to load the posts than to actually answer one. So I've stopped going there to check on new messages. I can't access them at work and don't have the time to waste looking for a new one at home. I'd rather follow a post that I can access easier and one that is actually being replied to.