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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Did you hear...?

Penn  State is taking down the statue of Joe Paterno that stood in front of the stadium.

At first I thought they were just getting rid of it, but apprently they're going to put it the Library, where it will serve as a reminder to keep quiet and not say anything.

Also... I seem to remeber a certain poster, can't quite remember which one, although he did have a penchant for missng the point and being argumentive, who's probably feeling like a great nitwit right about now. Or... at least he would be, were he capable of such introspection.


  1. Well, it's only right they take down the statue. Your liberal ideals forbid the police from acting on the child abuse accusations any sooner (when they found out 14 years ago) so it's only natural you liberals blame someone else. It's all about accountability. You liberals forbid the government from acting on complaints because of ... miranda??? Then blame the government for not acting sooner. Also, you pass the blame onto others after the government refused to act after being aware of these crimes for 14 years.

    The liberal ideology promoted this type of behavior, then you whine when it happens, then you deny your responsibility after it happens. Typical liberal. Then, to top it all off, you get upset with me for questioning why the government didn't do something earlier.

    Thanks Eddie, appreciate the name-calling of someone who simply wanted the government to act on complaints as they were made. Instead of allowing them to continue. Glad my "introspection" wasn't too anti-liberal ideology. I would hate to think sexual perverts could be arrested BEFORE they commit crimes against humanity. Instead of waiting until their boss is able to be blamed for their crimes. I love the way you liberals blame so many others for crimes the sexual pervert commits before actually blaming the sexual pervert.

    1. " I would hate to think sexual perverts could be arrested BEFORE they commit crimes against humanity. Instead of waiting until their boss is able to be blamed for their crimes."

      Yes, William, it's very clear that you hate to think. Otherwise you might have considered that arresting someone "BEFORE they commit crimes," is completely counter to our Constitution, is a hallmark of the police state, fascism, monarchism, etc., and one of the reasons for the break with England. You might also, if you were capable of rational thought rather than incessant libleral-hating rage, realize that Joe Paterno was not blamed for the crimes themselves, but for a cover-up, which allowed those crimes to continue. But of course, since he was a revered authority figure, your subdominant authoritarianism won't allow you to see him as blameworthy in any respect, and you need to scapegoat your usual target, the DEMON LIBERAL.

  2. William, what the hell are you babbling about?

    Blah, blah, blah, I hate Liberals, blah.

    It’s 90-some% of what you post, and that’s being generous. But hey: Once again, I’ll humor you…

    Would you mind telling us what “Liberal Ideals” prevented Penn State from acting on the complaints all those years ago? MIRANDA RIGHTS? Are you fucking kidding me? (No – don’t bother answering that, I already know that your stupidity comes with the utmost sincerity.) But… do me one favor… either:

    1) Present a logical argument, including WHO was mirandized, and how that ‘prevented’ police from ‘acting.’ (Note: To be mirandized, you have to be ARRESTED, which makes the idea that police DIDN’T ACT, due to MIRANDA rights, completely contradictory.) So… what “Liberal ideals” are you left with? Also? I know it’s a lot to ask, but try to keep this logical and focused on actual legal issues, rather than your usual idiotic trope of saying “someone covered up for a perv?” Hey: THEY MUST BE LIBERAL! (Words DO have meanings after all, whether you are aware of them or not.)


    2) Shut the fuck up.

    The second option would make you look like less of an idiot, but I’m not optimistic.

  3. Please William. What liberal ideals prevented the police from acting sooner? I need to be enlightened