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Tuesday, July 17, 2012


OK, I know I'm not shy about doling out the verbakl abuse; when it's called for, of course.

I do however possess the necessary humitily to recogniz emy own rank ameteruism when it's pointed out to me. And thatwas made clear when I found the following... (enjoy)

and here's 100 more...

Hey: When you're right? You're right.


  1. I guess I'm showing my age here, but I got bored very quickly, as I always do when writers substitute profanity for wit. I did have the pleasure of seeing two guys I went to college with, as targets of insults, though. Randy Jones was the target of Steve Martin's third foray (Martin is exempt from my profanity charge), and the late Jason Miller was (unrecognizable) in the Exorcist scene. Miller (real name John) is, to my knowledge, the only person ever to be nominated for an acting Oscar, and also win a Pulitzer Prize and a Tony Award as a playwright (That Championship Season).
    All one hundred together don't equal, in my opinion, the most savage (again, imo), vicious and unforgettable movie insult in my experience. In the film version of Jean Anouilh's BECKET, Henry II (Peter O'Toole) said to his wife, Eleanor of Aquitane (Pamela Brown), "Your body, madam, was a desert, where I wandered, alone. Thank God that duty is finished." I was about 20 when I first saw the film, and the cruelty of that line took my breath away. Still does.

  2. Well, it certainly was an attempt to be most vicious. But it cracked me up! I hope Eleanor's retort was something like this - 'Hearty Laugh' followed by- "Why! I never even noticed you anywhere near my body, you insignificant little man with your insignificant little worm."
    only better.

    It would have been more vicious had he said "the Arctic" at least the desert is warm. ;>)