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Saturday, March 2, 2013

40 by 40 Update

Date: 3/2/13
Morning Weight: 209.4*
Pounds Down: 6
Pounds to Go: 34
Days Left: 201
Workout Summary: Elliptical Climber: 394 Calories, Ropes: 259, Lateral: 226, Rowing: 72, Elliptical: 182

BOOM! That's 1133 Calories, motherfuckers! YEAH!

Curious thing...

Elliptical Climber: 394 Calories in 33 Minutes = 11.9 Calories per minute

Ropes: 259 Calories in 10 Minutes = 25.9 Calories per minute (And I believe it - this is EXHAUSTING)

Lateral: 226 Calories in 23 Minutes = 9.8 Calories per minute

Rowing: 72 Calories in 10 Minutes = 7.2 Calories per minute

Standard Elliptical: 182 Calories in 18 Minutes = 10.1 Calories per minute

Look at how inefficient Rowing is!  No wonder we invented motorboats! (And no wonder THOSE are still painfully inefficient!)

BTW... That "*" on my morning weight... That's actually UP from a 207.9 that I neglected to post yesterday. That's OK. No reason to panic. The trend line still goes steadily downward. And I know form past experience (and a basic understanding of math, science, statistics, engineering and commons sense) that TRENDS like these have NOISE. And the occasional datapoint going against the trend does not change the long term trend.

Hmmm... That sounds like something someone ought to tell those idiots over at Fox news (or the idiots who watch Fox News) every time Sean Hannity or Brian Kilmeade try to debunk Golbal Warming by pointing out that it snowed today, no?

Anyway, I felt like shit when I started today (hence my coming in below 400 Cal's on the Elliptical Climber) by I feel awesome right now.  So here you go:

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