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Monday, March 11, 2013

It needs to be said...

...Or, assuming it's probably already been said upwards of a million times in the last 24 hours, it bears repeating:


And far be it for me to fault our top diplomat for being, well, diplomatic about things, but I think Secretary Hagel's response would have better sounding something like, "Listen, dickhead, you're both alive and gainfully employeed right now becuase of us and us alone, so you just keep talkin' smack about the U.S. and we can pull our forces out of your country tomorrow. And then lots of luck, asshole!"

Date: 3/11/13 (Day 16)
Last Night's Bedtime Weight: 207.6
Morning Weight: 205.8 (BMI: 31.3)
Pounds Down: 9
Pounds to go: 31
Days Left: 192
Workout Summary: (night off)


  1. You seem to be stuck on one weight. What are you eating? If you're eating 'processed' foods then I can understand it. I'm not advising you, just asking.

  2. Low-carb. So SOME processed, but FAR less than before. Mostly meat, cheese, salads, veggies. The few Sweets are all sugar-free, same for drinks. Still using too much cafeene, though a lot less than before. And I'm only now cutting out Alchohol. I really should have done that before now. (Kind of dumb, that.)

    And honestly this is pretty close to previous trajectories. Rapid for a week, then hitting a wall for a couple, then (hopefully) followed by a slow but sready loss. And its still just 17 days out of 208. So there's time. I'm not pannicking yet.

  3. Hey, Eddie...

    How about an update on how Obama's anti-business policies have been crippling our economy? (We're about due for an update, don'tcha think?)

  4. Back to the subject. Karzai does seem to be quite the jerk lately. I wonder if he has considered us just pulling out and droning his land like we do others? It would sure be a lot safer and easier to get the ones we want to get. And if Karzai doesn't like it he can declare war on the US and we'll drone the rest of the country. Well ...

    I mean, can he really be thinking that the US would collude with the taliban. We would never do anything like that ... ;| Right now, the US needs (IMHO) to reduce the number of troops in areas that can be better served with the more sophisticated arsonel that the US has been spending our grandchildren's future on. With an enemy (like this one {terrorism}) that has no main base's, there is no reasonable expectation of success using old school military methods. As we've witnessed for the past 12 years. "Change" needs to come to America and Karzai is just the guy to get it all started. We need to end this occupation of his land and this is the perfect excuse to get out and still be viable and deadly.

    Again (IMHO) President Obama is just the man to achieve that. He can attack without the stigma of being a 'puppet right-winger' or 'agenda' attached to his name. And he can command a rebuilding of America's infrastructure using the increased workforce available and using the increased tax intake to pay for it. He has the potential to become the greatest president ever if he does those two things. IMHO

  5. Wow. This may be the first time you and I are in complete agreement on something of actual substance. Write down the date! (And be careful: before you know it you'll be trading your 'Family Values' in for 'Socialism' or some such nonsense.) ;)

  6. LOL. Fuck Karzai! That is exactly how I feel about the asshat!