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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Last 40 by 40 Update

And no, not because I'm quitting!

I'm still doing it, but over the next couple of days, I'm going to be changing the layout of the blog around a bit, and rather than doing daily updates as posts, I'm just going to put a little box over on the side that will update my progress.  I'm also going to try and update my Facebook and Twitter accounts, so as I do my maintenance, if anyone gets "de-friended" please don't take it personally. Just tap me back, and I'll put you back in. (I am going to be do some clean up though.)

Also, since I last posted, I've had repeated issues with Viruses. Ransomeware - first the FBI, then the "Compute Crimes Agency," then the Department of Justice, all wanted me to pay $300.00 for my "compute crimes."  I guess it was all the kiddie-porn I keep downloading. (No, I'm joking.)  Anyway, it screwed me up, so despite the fact that I didn't post on Thursday, I DID get to the gym, albeit a bit later in the evening than I had planned.  My update would have read like this:

Date: 3/14/13 (Day 19)
Last Night's Bedtime Weight: 205.0
Morning Weight: 203.7 (BMI: 31.0)
Pounds Down: 11
Pounds to go: 29
Days Left: 189
Workout Summary: 403 Calories

And again on Friday I was down again:

Date: 3/15/13 (Day 20)
Last Night's Bedtime Weight: 204.7
Morning Weight: 202.9 (BMI: 30.8) Boo-yah!
Pounds Down: 12
Pounds to go: 28
Days Left: 188
Workout Summary: None

BUT... Then we went out to dinner, for DW's Birthday.  I figured, 'I'm way ahead of schedule, so I'll go off the diet for one night and enjoy myself..."

Date: 3/15/13 (Day 21)
Last Night's Bedtime Weight: 209.1 (!!!)
Morning Weight: 206.4 (BMI: 31.4) (Fuuuuck!)
Pounds Down: 9 (argh!)
Pounds to go: 31
Days Left: 187
Workout Summary: 1689 Calories. Yes, that's right: I spent 3 hours at the gym this morning, to try and get back on track.  Longest workout ever.

Aaaaand I just took my "bedtime weight" and it was 207.2.  So that one meal is going to set me back a couple of days. Oh well. Kind of sucks, but... Well it was one of the best meals I've ever had, so it was worth it!  Still kind of sucks that I let it happen just as was hitting my stride.  I'll be beck in tomorrow, but I don't think I'll do three hours again.  1.5 to 2, most likely just the 1000-Calories version. I've got too much to do to do that both days of the weekend.

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