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Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Bible Kicks ASS!

Ok, I know I've bashed Religion plenty in this blog, and there's no shortage of verbiage on my part showing my contempt towards the completely nonsensical things one is asked to believe in the name of society's most recent trend in organized superstition.

But as well as religion, in general, and Christianity, in particular,  has done for itself, believe it or not it really has missed the bus on a HUGE marketing opportunity.  See... I just had no idea, truly no idea, just how much ASS the bible kicks.  Check that out. Seriously.  I laughed my ass off and gained a whole new respect for the Chistianity, sure, but it Judaic origins in particular, all at the same time. 

If that nun who's bullshit I called at the age of five had whipped some of THIS SHIT out?  Dude, I'd STILL probably be a believer!

Kudos to Cracked.com for another masterpiece.


  1. There's also the youtube series "Our Bloody-thirsty Bible" by TheThinkingAtheist organization.

    Visually detailing all the rated-R gore and sex in the bible. And nearly all of it, nonsensical and unwarranted.

  2. @Dradeeus,

    Thanks, I'll check that out! Humanismbyjoe (Gold Star #5) touches on some of that stuff as well. (The story of the bald prophet, the precocious tots and the two bears comes to mind.) But as 'nonsensical and unwarranted' as it is (and yeah: IT IS) I still say they're missing a huge marketin oppotunity here! LOL.