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Monday, November 15, 2010

Doodles & Sketches

And the amazing part...?

When someone in the meeting asked me a question, I was still able to answer as if I'd been paying attention!

LOL.  Yeah... it's was one of those days.

This is mostly crap, but I am fairly proud of the chick on the upper right.  I think we've got a decent intial sketch down for Epiphany there.  Gabriel (upper left) needs a lot of work. (But that was also done much earlier in the meeting, before I got too bored. LOL)   Gretchen* (lower right) needs some additional translating to make her look a little more realistic, and a little less like her inspriration (Sora Hasegawa from Ah! My Goddess) but I can live with it for now.  The guy in the middle (and lower left) started out as the protagonist, Edward, but I'm think he'll change a bit first.  He may yet end up as either John or Paul, who are kind of like Edward's Left Hand and Right Hand men, respectively, or I might just keep him as he is, we'll see.  (Yes, I realize I'm babbling here, and no one knows WTF I'm talking about, but these notes are as much for my own reference later on as anything else.)  In any case I said I might throw up some of the early sketches, and this is about as early as it gets, although I didn't figured they'd come out of being bored in a team meeting. LOL.

Oh well. 

You gotta have some fun wherever you are.  That's my philosphy anyway.

*The other half of Gretchen's inspiration, comes from Faust which is a HUGE influence on the overall story. It's really sort of a modern, reinterpretation of Faust.  Other influences include Death Note, Hell Girl, King Lear/Ran, MacBeth/Throne of Blood, and various non-Canonical Judeo-Christian (and other) mythologies, heavily re-interpreted.  Meh... We'l see how it goes.  Hopefully it will interest some one other than me, but I plan to do it anyway.


  1. Lovely! I like it, and I also envy you as I can't draw even a straight line.

  2. As someone whose "artistic" talents are limited to writing and music, I think all "drawing/painting" talents are awesome. So I like your "doodles".

    Oh, and I've sat in many a boring meeting (redundant phrase) and somehow been able to dual process and respond to things I've only been half-listening to. :)

  3. Eddie, I got interrupted and left this page on my computer, my guy friend took a double take and said "Wow, he drew your(my)eyes!" I said "God, she is beautiful" Ha! He was referring to the chick in the upper right hand corner. I would love to see that same chick with her cheeks shadowed (more definition) and maybe the chin a tad bigger, not quite so pointed. And darlin' where's the bridge of her nose? Maybe some shadowing? Okay, throw eggs at me. Hey, I would doodle while playing board games and cards with my sons and brother, all artists and they would give me tips like this that made all the difference. BTW, I'm not saying my suggestions would make her better or prettier, I'm just curious to the difference it would make. Keep up the good work. I love your site. Hope you have put pencil and pad in your sons hands, as well. Robyn

  4. @Duta,



    Thanks! And LOL!


    Thanks for the feedback. Cheeks, DEFINITELY needs some shading. The Nose... Meh, we'll see. It might juts be me, but it seems like the more detail I put on the nose, the uglier she gets. LOL. OTOH, if your SO really saw you in that? He's a lucky man. ;) LOL. (Believe it or not, Gretchen - lower right - is more my type. LOL.

    Thanks to everyone for your comments.

  5. Eddie,
    UGLIER!?! Hey, she has a hell of a personality, I can tell!! When I'm helping the twins draw, I ask 'eHow' "How to sketch a face" or "Nose" His video really simplifies it. For me anyway. I much prefer his to the others.

    More your type? I can't picture Gretchen with a Green Belt, or boxing, definitely not clipping you with a left hook. She breaks my heart. LOL! She looks like a homeless child. Ha!

  6. Lol. I'll definitely have to check that out then. (eHow) I like using online tutorials, and i'm taking a drawing class this winter, so we'll see how much things change after that. Good points about Gretchen, btw. And youre right, she's not really an ass-kicker in the conventional sense. (Epiphany definitely IS.) She'll represent more of a 'true north', morally speaking, in the story. And there's definitely a surprise or two with her as well. (Though, of course, anyone looking for her to throw a punch or kick a groin is going to be disappointed. Lol.)

    Thanks for your comments.

  7. Eddie, You're welcome. Ha! As if I've been any help!LOL Well, Pitifull Pearl, I mean Gretchen, is lovable, but....... I'm curious to find what your aim was there. ha! I'm anxious to see what Epiphany's roll in life is, considering I relate more with her. LOL!! Will be fun watching your project unfold. Robyn

  8. (I'm going to flesh out the main characters and relationships a little bit.)

    The main charcter is a guy named Edward. And no, he's not meant to be "me." But he is the charecter that "I" speak through the most, at least politically and philosophically. He has four close friends that influence and advise him. Politically, Paul and John represent East and West (or Right and Left) on his "moral compass." Gretchen and Epiphany represent North and South. IOW... Gretchen is far more moderate and FAR less Machiavellian than Epiphany is but, if her influence (as a voice of INACTION) wasn't countered by Epiphany's desire to ACT, nothing would ever get done.

    Or, to use a different metaphor, if Edward were driving a car: John and Paul would be the steering wheel, Epiphany the accelerator and Gretchen the Brakes.

    Epiphany is a lot tougher, to be sure, at least in a "street sense." She's a strong, professional, independant woman, a feminist blogger, and someone who's been kicked around enough by life that she's completely self-reliant. Gretchen is a bit more of the naive idealist. Life hasn't "kicked her around" so much as passed her by without even noticing. And it's her faith in others (and in idealism) that balances out Epiphany's jaded cynicism. Gretchen's more the type to be "part of the team" in a supporting role, where Epiphany is far more the "take charge" type. (Gretchin has faith in others, but not in herself, Epiphany has faith in herself, but not in others.)

    (And just so you know... some of this I'm fleshing out as I write this, so this serves as much as my own development notes as a reply to your post at this point. LOL. Just in case I've gone way beyond what you're interesting in hearing about!) XP

    And beyond the one being very Liberal (like, say, the guys who write LeftHook, Down with Tyrrany & Midnight Review) and the other being a Principled Conservative (like okipoli or Iron Knee (Political Irony)) I haven't really fleshed out John and Paul yet.

    The other principle character is Luci, who's pictured in the lower Right Frame in the "for Mish" post. Gabriel (the guy meeting her on that page) is... IMPORTANT, but... not really a principal charecter. I don't want to get into Gabriel and Luci here... That's Chapter One, after all! Coming in... oh, IDK... mid-to-late January 2011 I think. :)

    Thanks again for you comments.

  9. HOLY CRAP!!! I am Epiphany! Or Epiphany is me, (is I,IDK Ha!) mostly. LOL!!
    Thanks so much for the format. Very interesting. Keep us informed and good luck. Robyn