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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What the hell is wrong with people?

I saw a story today that, I have to admit, at least at first, caught my eye just do to the strange title:

Google Blogger Accuses Twitter Engineer of Sex Attack

Just for a moment take all of the actual human beings out of that story, and you've got to admit: That's a pretty funny headline.  Now... put all the human beings back INTO it, and read it.  If you want a fuller account of the incident, you can read her blog.

Now... Right up front, I want to say that I have no idea about, nor do I care to  speculate on, the veracity of the accusation.  I have not heard his side, I wasn't there and in any case it's not really relevant to what I want to talk about.  I'm willing to give her the benefit of the doubt, but I'm also willing to give the other his day in court before crucifying him.  All that being said, I was appalled, for several reasons, at some of the comments being left under the article.

MrMikeBeezy left the following:

I DO NOT agree with her statement that it's not her responsibility to protect herself from such things. I guess if she likes waiting for the rest of the world to give a shit about her safety then, by all means, allow it to happen.

This was, presumably, in response to her statement, "It is not my job to avoid getting assaulted. It is everyone else’s job to avoid assaulting me."

And to Mr. Beezy, all I can say is, "Blame the victim much?"

I guess you shouldn't have bought such a nice car, if you didn't want it stolen.  I guess you shouldn't have put glass in the walls of your house, if you didn't want your windows broken.  I guess you shouldn't have gotten married, if you didn't want to be cheated on.  I guess you shouldn't have had children if you didn't want them kidnapped.


There is basically no other crime that we, as a partially brain-damaged society, are so quick to apply that logic to.  Why is it that every time we hear about an example of  MEN BEHAVING BADLY, there is always an element of the audience that will say, "Well, she should have been more careful!"


That's fucking insane!  It is not up to the woman to protect herself, with no expectation that her professional colleagues will not conduct themselves within the boundaries of the FUCKING LAW!  She wasn't hooking downtown for Christ's sake, she was at a fucking TECH CONVENTION!

And the dude in question can talk about "mixed signals" all he wants.  I've known a lot of women.  And every  single one of them has totally confused the shit out of me at some point.  But I've never received ANY signal that could have been mistaken for "stick your hand in my pants." And that includes from every single one who's pants I've ever had my hand in!

Newsflash: BLAMING THE VICTIM = TOLERATING THE CRIME.  And I defy ANYONE to find me any other crime where we find it so easy to do this.  It's barbaric.

Now...  Let the guy have his day in court, as applicable, of course. If he's falsely accused, than that's almost as bad as the attempted/actual rape since (1) being falsely accused of sexual assault is about the worst thing that can happen to you, legally speaking and (2) false accusations, once exposed, enable the very attitude I'm describing.  They cast suspicion on every other woman's legitimate accusation.  So, yeah, let him have his say.

But for FUCK'S SAKE don't blame the VICTIM! The expectation that one will not be sexually assaulted at random is no less reasonable that the assumption that one will not be shot or mugged at random in such a place.  IOW: It's PERFECTLY REASONABLE! And we should show no more sympathy to the perp, or less sympathy to the victim, in that case than we would for a robbery or a homicide. PERIOD!

Christ, what the hell is wrong with people?!

Then "God's gift to women everywhere," Daniel, posted this steaming pile of horseshit "gem:"
You'd figure he could have assaulted someone better looking. Come on, man. Have some standards.


This is just disgusting on so many levels.  I'd love for his mother to know he said that.  Or his wife/girlfriend.  Actually, I'd like to just  see him hit in the head with a brick, only to have someone ask, "Why were you walking under that falling brick, dumbass?!"

And before anyone tells me that, "Oh. it's just the Internet, people say all kinds of crazy shit." No.  Fuck that. Fuck it right now, because I've heard the exact same thing, said over a few beers at the bar, face to fucking face with people.  And I've heard it MANY TIMES.  So this is hardly the sentiment of a lone provocateur on some Internet blog.  This kind of misogyny is every bit as alive and well as the "blaming the victim kind."  (Though I've met some of the most interesting and coolest women in it, Automotive is still, very much, one of the "good old boy:" industries. So i hear this sort of thing a LOT.)

Now... As if blaming the victim for the rape wasn't enough, now the victim's physical appearance is somehow relevant?  I suppose if she conformed more to the "Barbie Doll" asthetic, she'd somehow make a more sympathetic victim? (Actually, in that case, the opposite might even be true!)  And whether or not that's even true, does that make it RIGHT?!

Putting that aside, for the moment, because it's so despicable as not not even need a comment, I have a newsflash for Daniel:


And I, pretty much, truly mean that.  All women are beautiful and the world is a more beautiful place for having all those women IN IT.  Take out the women (and the Homosexual men) and what would the world look like?  It would look like a pissed-on shit-pile, that's what! 

What the fuck is with people who (1) Use a Barbie Doll like a checklist:

Long Blond Hair? Check
Blue Eyes? Check
5'10"? Check
C-Cup? Check
36-24-26? Check

(Which I think would leave with pretty much just Pamela Anderson - who's a skank) And then (2) feel the need to ridicule anyone who doesn't fit the bill? 

What the fuck is wrong with these people?  Are they dating Pamela Anderson?  (And if they are? They can fucking have her!) And if they aren't?  Then who the fuck are they to talk?!

And that list?  The "barbie doll" asthetic? Fuck that.  Where does that leave a beautiful black woman? Or an beautiful Indian woman? Or a beautiful Japanese woman?  (You ever see blond hair on a Japanese woman? It looks RIDICULOUS!)  And why are we even TALKING ABOUT THAT?!

The sexiest part of a woman's body is BETWEEN HER EARS.  Yes, I'm actually physically attracted by a woman's intelligence.  That's make me a bit unusual, statistically speaking, but what can I say? Men of real quality are not easy to find.  And I'm also far more concerned with what's BEHIND a woman's ribcage that what IN FRONT of it.

Now... I don't know Noirin personally. I've never met her. I don't know if she's nice, and I don't know if she's smart.  I've read a bit of her blog... Not really my thing, but she certainly seems failry intelligent.  (Check.)  And given her quirky sense of humor (check) and the fact that she seems nice enough (check) I'm certainly already finding her far more interesting than your average "Pamela Anderson" type. And there's really not much more that you really need to know!

But then...

Red Hair? (check!)
Tech savy? (omg! check!)
Glasses? (...drool...)

(Yeah, seriously, I have such a thing for chicks in glasses. It borders on sickness. Seriously.)

I'm sorry, where was I?

Oh yeah...

Daniel? MrMikeBeezy?  You guys are fucking douchebags.

And, in the future, if you don't have anything nice - or relevant - to say, then just SHUT THE FUCK UP!


Oh, and BTW... Should anyone find an inconsistancy in my proceeding to trash Pamela Anderson, right after saying that "all women are beautiful," let me clarify: Women are beautiful the way GOD made them.  Pamela's appearance is what what MAN'S EFFORT looks like.  It's the cheap, plastic result of trying to appease the prejudices of lesser men.  And it's really rather tragic.


Oh and I uh... kind of apologize for that "really creepy guy" bit at the end there.  It was kind of tongue in cheek (and almost disgustingly over the top) though personally she does strike me, at least initially, as exactly the kind of person I'd usually be attracted to.  Kind of like...

Oh, I am so fucking there!

(The one with the beard is a guy though, right?)


  1. That's what I meant in my comment to your previous post - Sara Palin is not a barbie , she doesn't have blond hair and blue eyes, and she's a natural. Well, you're probably going to vote for Ophra in 2012.

  2. The correct full name is Ophrah Winfrey.

  3. Our nation has issues with sexual assault laws, that's for sure. Right now in Texas they're finally considering changes to the law that will stop juvenile offenders who have consensual sex with their SO's who are also juveniles from being saddled with the same punishments as adult offenders who commit similar crimes! And there was a story in the Austin Chronicle I think where they talk about a young man, jailed for 10 years after pleading guilty when he wasn't because he was afraid of a 40-50 yr term if he didn't take the plea bargain. Later on, the girl he was accused of molesting recanted, saying that she was forced to make the allegations to help the girl's mother avoid a charge of fleeing the state during a custody battle. There appears to be no way to clear his name, despite her recantation and a ton of evidence that the mother was not honest.


    We have lots of issues with sexuality in our nation. I blame 6th century Catholics and Queen Victoria mostly.

  4. Being a victim should NOT put one at fault....that sed, being oblivious to one's surroundings DOES make such things more likely...

  5. I realize this wasn't the case in the story presented, but while it may not be the smartest thing in the world for a woman to purposely wear revealing clothing and then get completely wasted at a frat party, even if one does do that, it doesn't make the sexual assault any less reprehensible (or illegal).

  6. @Duta - You might not know this, but in the States, Palin is often referred to (disparagingly) as "Caribou Barbie." I'll stand by my comments in the previous post regarding Palin, but no... I wouldn't vote for Oprah. (Unless the alternative was Palin.) And in any case, I'm sure Oprah prefers her current role - that of Kingmaker.

    @DellDolly - Yeah, our age-of-consent laws, and so many other laws regarding sexual relations are completely absurd in their current form and implementation. At some point I'll probably do a post on them. How the hell can you charge ONE person with a crime when TWO teenagers have consensual sex. It's idiotic.

    @Highrightnow - I'm not going to debate the purely objective, factual accuracy of your statement, which can apply to ANY crime, but I am going to seriously question its RELEVENCE. How was she "not aware?" What was she supposed to have done differently? And why, when the sentiment is universal, do I only ever hear it applied to sexual assault? If "my victim was clueless" was a legit defense, 99% of convictions would never happen! WHITE COLLAR CRIME would become the preferred business model! Applying your statement to sex crimes DOES express a tolerance for them on your part whether you intend it or not. A woman walking naked through the ghetto still has the law on her side. (Apart form the indecent exposure, anyway.)

    @Sammy - You got it. "Doing stupid shit" is no reason that your assaulter should be sympathized with or not prosecuted. Do you know what I'D do if I came across a naked, passed out woman? At a minimum I'd probably put a BLANKET over her! And I'd expect no less from any of you guys, nor of any other human being.

    Doing otherwise is absolutely, 100% WRONG, and we should not afford it any tolerance.

    Thank you all for your comments.