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Monday, November 22, 2010


We're in Washington D.C. visiting my sister for a few days before heading [even farther] South for Thanksgiving.  And we took the kids on a tour of the Capital building this morning.  The tour begins with a very patriotic film about the history of democracy and the trials and tribulation that our country in general and the Capitol building in particular had been though, from being torched in the war of 1812, to the dome's construction being continued during the Civil War, to demonstrate Lincoln's commitment to keeping the union together.  And the ongoing theme was that CONGRESS was the place where we find COMMON GROUND, despite our many LEGITIMATE DIFFERENCES.

It was hard not be awestruck by the place, and the the trials it had endured and the ideals it represents.

Unfortunately, it was equally hard not to be dumbstruck at the though of some of the absolute CLOWNS now responsible for governing and safeguarding those ideals.

I mean... What part of "legitimate differences" or "finding common ground" is it when the Senate Minority Leader makes it his TOP PRIORITY (not "A" priority, but his "TOP" priority!) to deny the President a second term.  It like he thinks all of the problems facing this county magically came into existence sometime between Pelosi and Reid taking power in 2007, and Barack Obama taking office in 2009! His TOP Priority?

The deficit? The economy? The War on Terror? Education? Health Care? The Environment? 


The most important thing for this asshat to accomplish is to put an "-R" after the next President's name.  I wouldn't mind it half as much if they planned on accomplishing this by actually DOING ANYTHING, as opposed to just sabotaging the current government.  I'll just never understand how someone can listen to an inspiring tale of Patriotism and Democracy and then think of Mitch McConnell and John Boehner and do ANYTHING other than laugh their asses off or cry in their soup. 

We know that so many of today's politicians are little more than cheap rent boys for the special (read: corporate) interests, but standing in the halls of power this morning only served to diminished them even farther in my eyes; to make them seem even more petty and out of place.  The Tea Party yokels won't last 5 minutes here.  I have a feeling this incoming class of Right Wing amateurs is going to lose it's "idealism" faster than any other.


  1. "The Tea Party yokels won't last 5 minutes here"

    Balancing the budget through spending cuts is so impossible that not even a single completely unrestrained private citizen has ever even pretended to draw it up on paper. Therefore the tea partiers are bound to "betray conservative principles" real soon.

    When they do, the voters will go for an even stupider brand of conservatives, who once again will "rebrand" a party that never asks itself why it needs rebranding so much.

  2. It all looks sad. In my very humble opinion, republicans/conservatives/tea baggers won't be able to do anything constructive.
    As for democrats, in a few years they'll have to shut the door of their party which has displayed such a poor judgement in electing a president.

  3. @Steeve - And as sad as that is, their continual re-branding continues to pull the Democrats to the Right along with them. Just another example of how the Republicans have no brains, and the Democrats no balls.

    @Duta - I'm sure I have no idea what you're talking about. ;)

    Thanks for your comments

  4. What I mean is that the damage (deficit) is so great that the republicans won't be able to do anything about it (they think they can) even if they work on it in cooperation with the democrats.

    The democrats, I guess, within a few years will have to close their party as not many will want to identify themselves with it because of the Obama episode.

    Now, I'm sure you haven't got the faintest idea what I'm talking about.

  5. @Duta - I was actually beign sarcasic.

    BUT: The current crop of Republicans are a bunch of idiots. They've managed to top the stupidity of the last batch, who managed to top the stupidty of the previous batch, who... Well, you get the idea. (You be back to the late 1960's before you'll find a Conservtaive/Repubican in office that I much use for.)

    The only flaw the Democrats have (And they've had it for like 30+ years now) is that in response to the Republicans constantly winning the idiot's vote, they've tried to be MORE LIKE THEM, as opposed to... oh I don't know... LEADING, maybe, in the Tradition of Wilson, Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy and Johnson. Instead they kee following the Right down the road to insanity.

    And while I realize that there is no love lost between you and Presidenty Obama, I strongly suspect that our criticisms of the man could not be more different.

    Deficit? That nonsene started in 1980, with Reagan, and only a Demcorat (Clinton) has EVER done ANYTHING to address theproblem sicne. And actully? He SOLVED the PROBLEM, and we were well on our way towards eliminating our National debt in ~10 years or so, at least util George W. Numb-Nuts was appointed President and fucked everything up.

    In all seriousness? I really DON'T have nay idea what your beef with Obama is all about, because MY beef with him has more to do with how much he's bent over backwards to appease the idiots (Repulicans, Conservatives) who screwed everything up in the first palce.