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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

First Panel Pencilled!

First Panel - Pencils.

I'm sorry that I keep posting this kind of stuff.  It's a bit indulgant, I suppose.  I'm just really happy with how this turned out.  A few line-errors here and there, but nothing I can't fix in the inkining. (LH Window & Starcase, for example? LOL.)  I don't plan on posting to much more of it here.  (We'll see.) But to finish a panel, even in pencil, and be pretty satsified with the result?  For me? That's EPIC. LOL. (One down, sixteen thousand to go!)

Also, in case anyone was wondering, I do still plan on maintaining a political blog.  Probably more angry rants than realy thoughtful pieces (which take more time) but the rants sometimes seem to get a better response anyway. LOL.  I'm also going to keep up with the Hall of Fame inductees, if nothing else.  Even though they don't get many replies, I take it as a bit of a civic duty to link to good stuff in order to help it rank higher in teh Google.

But I have made a goal to myself to spend at least an hour a night drawing.  And unfortunately that will leave less time for blogging.  BUT... I think it will be better fo my mental health, in the long run.  Sorry.  AND, as I've said before, this thing is going to have Religious, Philosopcial and Political themes running throughout it, not to mention some references to pop-culture-y stuff that I just like.

And to answer ClassicLiberal's and Conchobhar's inevitable quetsion about the club name: YES. 


  1. I like these kinds of posts.

    Also, I see no problem with the stairs/window you mention - however, the entrance to the Lower Depths seems a bit skewed. The walls ought to be shorter since the view is far and the ceiling should barely show - unless that lampost is towering over (and possibly behind) the viewer.

    Look forward to seeing more. Cheers!

  2. @Mish,

    Thanks for the input, serioulsy.

    The lampost IS meant to be quite a bit taller than the man (aren't they ususally?) and behind him (closer to the viewer) as well. The entrance was... a bit tricky, and trying to do it strait on (especially since I'm still figuring out perspective) might not have been the best choice. It's down a few steps from street level - you walk down 3 or 4 steps before you get to a landing in front of the door. The ceiling in the entryway slants down as well, and the door itself was meant to be ~10 feet or so farther back from the front wall(s). Maybe I'll give that area another go before inking it.

    BTW... I've got the whole first page done now, but it still needs a little cleanup (at least) and part of me is just afraid to ink it all together! LOL.

    Tell you what... I'll put it up as-is, and you can let me knwo what you think, K?