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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Gold Star Awards, November, 2010

The Joe DiMaggio Gold Star #29: ALECWatch

Well, this month started with a piece about ALEC, which may have (finally) represented my loss of innocence when it comes to American Democracy and the death of any remaining idealistic misconceptions I may have had about who’s really in charge in this country. So it’s only appropriate that I start out the final post of the month by awarding the prestigious (ha!) Joe DiMaggio Gold Star to a group dedicated to exposing the truth behind the greatest shadowy political conspiracy the world over that nobody’s talking about.  Now… Unfortunately, it seems that this site has not been updated for several years. And I think that’s a shame, because what they DO have there is critically important information that people need to know about. So, if anyone has some information about a more up-to-date ALEC watchdog site, PLEASE let me know and I will be sure to highlight them as well. IMHO, ALEC, more so than any other organization in the world, represents the single greatest threat to the American Democracy. Al Qaeda are bush-league compared to ALEC. Al Qaeda can only know down buildings and kill a few people. That’s horrible, to be sure, but we lost more Americans last year due to reduced vaccination rates than we typically lose to terrorism.  (So Al Qaeda's roughly as dangerous  to America as Jenny McCarthy.) ALEC, OTOH, is actively and effectively destroying the very soul and fabric of the Country and of the very ideals of popular, representative Democracy that the terrorists hate so much. And at least we’re actually FIGHTING Al-Qaeda. ALEC is a CANCER that we WELCOME into our political system the way an addict welcomes his own chosen poison. They are WINNING in territory that terrorists never even considered fighting for.

The Gabby Hartnett Gold Star #30: Mother Jones

I’ve made no secret of the contempt that I feel for what remains of mainstream journalism. IMHO, even the least of the bloggers do a passably better job of analysis than the average Cable news show, who so often can’t even get basic FACTS right. But if there is a website anywhere that’s more than a blog, and yet practiced journalism the way it is MEANT to be practiced, that site is Mother Jones. I’m a newcomer to their publication, but I have been consistently impressed at the depth and fearlessness with which the pursue their stories. To call them the “NPR of the web” would not even be complimentary. Check them out.

The Ted Lyons Gold Star #31: Down with Tyranny

I’ll have to apologize to the folks at DWT… I am having an increasingly difficult time finding ways to praise my favorite blogs in a way that differentiates them from those that I’ve honored before. The problem is that when I come across a blog that I want to add here, it is usually for the same reasons that I’ve included so many others: Well written; witty, if not humorous; makes me think / challenges me intellectually; etc… And in that regard Down With Tyranny is right up there with Left Hook, Midnight Review, Political Irony, etc… So while I hate to say, “One more great blog that I follow,” unfortunately there is not much I can say that hasn’t been said two or three times before. But they rock. So check them out!

The Dazzy Vance Gold Star #32: Beck Unhinged

Who can’t admire a site that highlight just how utterly bat-shit crazy the now face of Fox News, Glenn Beck, is. Funny in the same way as “$#!t my Dad Says” or Tina Fey doing Sarah Palin (using Palin’s own words) this site makes Glenn Beck look ridiculous but using only quotes from… GLENN BECK. If that’s not doing the Lord’s good work, I don’t know what is. LOL.

The Frank “Home Run” Baker Silver Star #21: Blip

Blip is another of my favorite web comics. It’s about a girl who’s existence was not fated to happen, and thus represents a threat to fabric of reality itself. Heaven has set about suppressing the girl’s creative talents – in order to save the universe, but making her miserable in the process – while Lucifer attempts to unleash her power – by allowing her a modicum of well-deserved happiness. It’s a well written story, with crative and original characters, taking place in a well conceived world of angels, demos and even ancient Gods. It’s at times philosophical, hilarious, poignant, romantic and (recently) tear-jerking. In short this is #1 on my list of favorite web comics at the moments, and well worth checking out. As with all web-comics, I recommend reading it from the beginning.

The Ray Schalk Silver Star #22: Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

I’ve recently used several pieces of SMBC that I’ve found relevant, but in truth, if I didn’t stop myself, I’d probably be able to find a use for about 99% of the site’s content. They’re absolutely hilarious and absolute relevant, politically and philosophically. You will seldom find a comic that is both finnier and more intelligent. Check them out. You’ll laugh. A lot. (And since the strip is not serial, this is not one you have to read in any particular order.)


BTW... The Fred Clarke Silver Star winner, Item Not as Described has been taken down and/or been devoured by the Cheeseburger Network.  And that's cool, but since (1) They're no longer maintaining the "Free Shit from Craig's List" content, and (2) they already has several Silver Stars to their credit already (FailBlog, Ugliest Tattoos, Engrish) I'm going to replace this link with a new one at some point.

One More Piece of News... The Hughie Jennings' Silver Star winner, web comic YU&ME: Dream has finished it's run. (*sad*) The author, Megan Gedris, finished the story on her own terms and created what I honestly believe to be one of the most complex, creative, whimsical, romantic, thoughtful, and just flat out cool, (not to mention COMPLETED!) web comic around, and has now moved on to another project, which is also totally worth checking out.  I'll read anything she writes at this point, but only time will tell if it'll get a Star of it's own in the future.  If you haven't read YU&ME: Dream yet, you can do so now, knowing that you will actually be able to FINISH it.  And I guarantee you won't be disappointed!


  1. Hey Eddie - my former employer (and you can guess who it is by my screen name on MMFA) made me an offer I couldn't refuse to come back to work for them after I did early retirement last year. They had a couple of people killed and injured in a car wreck in India right when they were getting ready to open up a new location there, so I was rushed there to fill the gap, and with Christmas coming, they asked me to stay on thru December 20th, then go back in early January.

    One person hiring me for the old employer asked me what I'd been doing to keep busy, and I mentioned posting on MMFA. They told me that I'd have to stop posting using that old screen name, and so I have, but I've still been reading the site. Right now I'm busier than a one-armed paper hanger, and have been blowing off steam occasionally on other sites under screen names that don't implicate my former/current employer. Miss you all though on MMFA! Have a wonderful holiday!

  2. India, huh? Wow. Well hey, THAT'S pretty cool, right? (You like Indian Food? If so, I'm envious. I love it!) The circumastances suck, but hey, work is work! (Although I'm always weary when they tell me that the last guy DIED.) Anyway we've missed you. OK, well, not ALL of us. ;) RightOn recently said he was kind of happy you've been absent, and another RW dipstick immediately told him not to jinx it by invoking you're unholy name. (Seriously!) LOL. Gotta LOVE that kind of noteriety. (I know I do anyway. LOL) I'll keep an eye out for you. Will you still be "[something]Dolly," since you're being forced to abandone your blatant corporatism? LOL. Well, I'm looking forward to having you back at some point. In the meantime, have fun in India, keep safe, and stay Liberal!