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Friday, November 5, 2010

Proof that MSNBC is not the Left-Wing verison of Fox.

Just a quickie, showing the biggest difference between Fox and MSNBC...

Countdown Anchor Keith Olbermann has been suspended from MSNBC over political donation that appear to be in violation of  that stations standard of ethics.

This is in contrast to Fox News, whose anchors have shamelessly shilled for the Republicans time and time again; who's PAC and Parent company have donated millions to Republicans and Republican backed organizations; who has given a platform to future candidates; and who will not even suspend you if you wish for President Obama's assassination!

They may be mirrors of each other in that one leans Liberal and one leans Conservative, but that is where the symmetry ends.  Because only one has any hosts representing anything that would qualify as opposing viewpoints (such a Joe Scarborough) and only one has an ethics policy that actually MEANS anything, and they they are willing to enforce.

The difference is PRINCIPLES. MSNBC has them.  Fox, time and time again, has shown that they don't.


  1. I hate that the media seems to be hinting/nudging that it is "hypocritical" of Olbermann to complain about News Corps' gigantic CORPORATE donation while giving some selected democrats his PRIVATE donation.

  2. Agreed. And, BTW... this should not be construed as me AGREEING with MSNBC's decision. I think their policy may go a bit far, expecially since Olbermann's paid for opinion, not really "staight news." But agree with MSNBC's policy or not, the lack of ANY accountabiliy AT ALL over at Fox is a huge problem from any POV OTHER than that of a GOP Booster. The hypocrites are the cretins on the Right calling hypocrisy on Keith's part in this case.

  3. I've said this in the past, but it's a pretty confusing, or difficult point to try and transmit, but lemme try anyways.

    I'd be okay with Democrats being punished while Republicans get away with thing, if, IF, it was embedded into the generalized public opinion that Democrats hold their own to a higher standard than Republicans.

    If it was part of a liberal's party "identity" that, yes, there are rules, and you follow them, even when it seems your opposition gets away with a hell of a lot.

    I'd be okay with that. But it isn't. It isn't part of the identity, or the general opinion of Democrats. In fact, some people see Liberals are stereotypically the rule-breaking, irresponsible type. You know. Dirty fucking hippies.

    So, under those circumstances, I'm not okay with the double standard. Hell no.

  4. Joe Scarborough openly donates to GOP candidates, and has been working at MSNBC for years, including in Olbermann's timeslot before Olbermann came along--Scarborough was the one who replaced Donahue back when MSNBC fired him for, it was later revealed, being liberal and a critic of the Iraq war that was about to start. MSNBC has said Olbermann is different because his is a "news" show, rather than an opinion show (which they say is what Scarborough hosts), from which one can only conclude the management there has either 1) never watched a single installment of it, or 2) is just shoveling bullshit, exactly as they did when they fired Donahue for "low ratings" (it turned out he had the highest rated show on MSNBC at the time).

    Republicans have just seized control of the House, and Olbermann is a daily critic of their activities and behavior--one of the ONLY such critics on television. His suspension could be just the beginning.

  5. @Dradeeus & Classic - I'm with y'all as far as the policy goes. And yeah, it's bullshit. I'm just sayin' that there's no way anyone could argue that the two networks are symmetric-opposites.

    And what you're basically saying, Classic, is that the lack of "systematic liberal bias" on the part of MSNBC goes beyond merely haveing a policy, and if anything, even THEIR management has shown evidence of CONSERVTAIVE bias. So again... hardly a "mirror image" or "left-wing version" of Fox. Which... is all I'm saying. ;)

    BUT... to be fair, don't forget they not only fired Savage (which is kind of a no-brainer) but let Tucker Carlson go as well. So I wouldn't say that their double standard regarding Olbermann & Scarborough makes them INTO Fox either.

    But I hear you.

    Anyone want to start a pool on how long it will take before the House introduces articles of impeachment? I say by 10/31/11. Any takers? What to "make it interesting?" ;)

  6. My problem isn't the suspension because it appears that Olbermann broke the rules, either because he thought he was above them, wasn't aware of them, or figured if Scarborough could do it so could he. Regardless, an INDEFENTINE suspension without pay is way too harsh if it was 2 weeks or a month I would agree with MSNBC's call, also given that Comcast Cable plans to buy 51% of NBC/Universal from GE and that one of the head honchos of Comcast said he might interfere with Olbermann if he started going against their interests. Makes one wonders if Olbermann was suspended to please the new boss.

  7. I'm in complete agreement with Classic's post. Facts are facts, after all, and some of us do respect them.
    As far as "indefinite suspension" being too harsh, it looks like it turned out to be one weekend, when he doesn't broadcast anyway.

    What I do find amusing is that some of the sillier rw posters on MMFA and elsewhere are gobsmacked that the "capitalism hating MSNBC" suspended their "socialist" pundit. I guess some of us can't deal with facts that undermine our fantasies.

  8. @Christopher Back,

    Interesting point about the pending merger. Of corse, now they suspended Scarborough as well.


    Agreed. And now I'll bet those same people are calling "liberal bias" now that Joe Scarboro was suspended as well, even though they treated the "socialist" the same way. *rolls eyes*