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Monday, April 6, 2015

America's best Christian talks abortion...

William, you're, um... "talents" are truly wasted here. Clearly I am no match for you with my heathen beliefs and practices and utter inability to cherry-pick the same passages that you seem to think are the important ones.  So I'll leave it to Betty Bowers, America's Best Christian, to talk about abortion, and you can take up you're, um.... "sincerely held religious beliefs" with her.


  1. Eddie, I don't tell anyone how to believe what on abortion. Everyone can make their own choices. If you think I'm going to make a case for or against abortion based on someone else's opinion then you've got another thing coming. I'll gladly tell you how "I" feel about it, but that in NO WAY speaks for anyone else.
    But, for the record (AGAIN), I am against abortion unless there is the possibility of harm for the mother if the pregnancy is carried to term. What the hell more do you need me to tell you? I've stated this over and over again and then over and over again and again. Why is it so hard for you to understand?

    1. Your position goes beyond merely having an opinion. You would have the govt legally limit people's choices based on said opinion. That's where we differ. Fine, so you don't tell people how to think... Just how to live. That's the difference between us: Not our moral judgement, just how much we're willing to impose this on others.

    2. "You would have the govt legally limit people's choices based on said opinion."

      No, you are wrong. I would prefer letting the individual make there own CHOICE. Each individual can make their own choice. Everyone knows the consequences of their choice. My "opinion" goes no further than that. What you choose to 'read into' that is not my concern. I think it's time to step back from your pre-conceived beliefs of what "conservatives" want, or just aim your site at what liberals believe. If so, too bad for you, because I will always be here to dispute your misinformation.

      "Fine, so you don't tell people how to think... Just how to live."

      I don't tell nobody how to live, I will offer my opinion and they can make their own CHOICE. See how that works? I'm beginning to think that you don't. We'll find out in your next post. (if you post).

    3. Do you want to see abortion outlawed except when the health of the mother is at risk and/or in the case of rape? Yes or no?