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Monday, April 20, 2015

(Facebook) Trolls... and William

(Hopefully that'll get him to watch this!)

First thread, from a Liberal Page:

So... Calls first poster a cunt, says "U R Dumb" to me about a dozen times, fails to come up with even a single example when asked, tells the PAGE'S OWNER (Mark Smith)to STFU, and then says he wants to talk about "pussay" instead.

BEHOLD: The Republican base!

Since he seemed to appreciate that Mr. Smith welcomes all opinions, I almost wanted to point out that we welcome (or at least respond in kind) to differing opinions HERE as well, if only because I though t it would be extremely amusing to have a Conservative that even William couldn't stand . LOL. But no - ain't nobody got for that!

And here is the second example, including the header graphic, from a Conservative Page:

At the time of ths posting? STILL no examples.

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