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Wednesday, April 15, 2015


BTW? It's actually TWICE as many. Twice as many in ONE MONTH, than a CENTURY.

Good luck with that one.


  1. Of course, you know Ed, that the UK doesn't have "separation of Church and State". Would you prefer the US use that system in order to decrease those unpopular cop killings?

    1. On behalf of 50,000 dead descendants of my ancestots , William: Fuck you.

    2. Ah ha ha, thanks for admitting (again) when you are in the wrong with your misguided complaints.

    3. I'll anihalate youater tonight on this. I don't have time right now. There too many kinds of wrong in your post to answer right now.

    4. That's fine, take your time.

      But, if you get a chance, check out these other two articles I replied to you on

      You don't have to, of course, I'm just letting you know I've responded to you on both.

    5. I'll check them out as well, thanks for the head's up. OK...

      1) Biggest flaw is that there is no evidence anywhere in the world that having an official state religion stops police violence. I will refer you to most of the Middle East, Pakistan and India. And while I'm suggest that being purely secular has a connection either (China) there are plenty of secular countries that don't have the same issues with the police that we either (pick any in Scandinavia, for example.) Suggesting that existence of "the Church of England" somehow prevents violence is as absurd as suggesting that their habit of drinking tea does.

      2) To suggest that The Church of England, it's connection to the state, and it's influence on the politics there has ever PREVENTED violence is absurd to the point of psychopathy. And quite frankly "hit you in the head with a brick" insulting to someone of Irish and Catholic descent. I may no longer be an active participant in the Catholic church, but that doesn't mean that I don't stand with the 50,000+ descendants of my ancestors who were slaughtered in the last century alone by the military and paramilitary groups acting on the behest of that State. How many Hindus did that same military kill a century earlier? How many Muslims?

      THAT'S where my "Fuck you" comes from: The dead descendant of my ancestors who's lives didn't matter because they were Irish and Catholic. I may be no huge fan of the Vatican (the current pontiff notwithstanding) but the blood of the hands of the CoE is so think that when their Cardinals done their robes, it looks like they're wearing matching gloves.

      Now... Before we go on, I'm going to parameterize this discussion. This thread is NOT going to be about (1) My Catholicism, former or otherwise, or Catholicism in general, (2) The troubles in Northern Ireland, (3) The IRA, (4) English Colonialism. These have been brought up by me for the sole purpose of refuting a single point that you made, and debating any of them further serves no purpose. If you disagree with me on some aspect of those, fine, but derailing this thread is not going to change my opinion on any those things. This is about the POLICE in England vs. the Police in the USA, and why they might act differently. Your first point? That somehow the CoE deserves credit for this? Dead. And none of my points (those 4) have any further, direct connection to the issue at hand - Police Violence in England and the US. So let's move on...

      I would submit that there are two primary reasons for the disparity...

      1) The obvious one: Most police in England don't even carry guns. Seems like a crazy idea, I know, but lacking the option to USE deadly force as a matter of course in every encounter? THAT'S clearly the biggest factor.

      2) Despite their class structure, England has neither the income disparity nor the level of poverty that we have here - they have a stronger welfare state, socialized health care, a better pension system... etc. And yes, they are a far more demographically homogeneous nation.

      So, yes, race is an issue, as is poverty. Both of these things drive crime as well as influence how people react to the police and how the police react to people. BUT... Lest you think I'm blaming all the police violence on poor black people (or giving you the opportunity to) please consider the following two words: VICIOUS CYCLE.

      3) I'm sure there are some differences in Police culture and training between us and them as well. I don't know what those are, so I'm going to have to leave that as a minor point, based upon result-based analysis. (Which, when lacking knowledge of the system, is the weakest kind.) That said, I would be curious as to how they DO differ in that regard, and what aspects of it could be brought over here.

      Would you agree?