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Sunday, April 5, 2015



  1. I don't think so, Tim.


    1. Point conceded. (There's a first for ya, no?) Though... Still rather a bit of paganism, even by your own sources, no?

      Out of curiosity, why do you keep calling me "Tim?"

    2. Come on, Eddie. You live in Detroit and you don't get that phrase? I hate it when I have to explain a joke to someone who should be smart enough to get it.
      It is from the Home Improvement TV series. Every time Tim (the toolman) Taylor was about to do something completely irrational and ask Al Borland to help him do it, Al's response would be: "I don't think so, Tim". In other words you're doing something stupid and expecting others to fall for it.

      BTW, so it will help you find me easier and hit me on the head with that brick, my license plate reads LLTIME. I hope you can figure that one out. I've had that plate for years in memory of that show. I even donate an extra $45 to the state, each year, to keep it. Just doing my part to give back to the state that keeps restricting my rights.

    3. "Point conceded. (There's a first for ya, no?)"

      No, you're honest enough to admit when you're wrong. You've done it a few times. Unlike another poster, here, who never admits his errors.

    4. Ahhh. Gotcha. But... and maybe it the decaf I accidentally drank this morning... but now I need to ask you what the significance of "LLTIME" time is.

      Also, I appreciate that first article. I'm washing a bit off egg off my face because, "The general rule of infographics and similar fare is that the more deliciously it skewers people you don't respect very much, the more likely it is to be a fake." is generally a rule I live by pretty consistently. (Though I'm usually debunking CONSERVATIVE infographics.) But seeing that one the day before Easter Sunday was just too big a temptation. I just couldn't resist it.

    5. Wait... "TOOL TIME?"

      Also... You really should be more careful how much personal info you put out their on the 'Net. Reading these posts, someone would know your name, where you're from (approximately), your licence plate and profession. It wouldn't take much for someone to fill in the blanks and narrow it down a bit. Just sayin'. (Hence why I use the pseudonym.)

    6. Thanks for the concern, Eddie, but I'm not worried about anyone coming after me. Criminals will do what they need to do. I'm not ashamed of who I am or what I say. I used to tell my wife that I'm not worried about anyone stealing my identity ... we're so poor that it could only help us to start over.

      "Wait... "TOOL TIME?" "

      Very good. If you remember (assuming you watched the show) Tim was building a hot rod in his home garage. It's license plate was 2L TIME. That was too easy, so I developed a better version and got it.

    7. Watched the show a few times. Not regularly. (Not from Detroit originally either. Just live nearby now.)

    8. It was one of my favorite shows. My wife hates it. She isn't much into goofy comic shows. I think it is one of the classics. I even went and bought the DVD's for many of the seasons.
      BTW, are you glad or sad that I took this one off topic?