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Monday, April 13, 2015

So... Hillary's running!

Wow. I mean... Who saw that coming, huh?

Just kidding.  Of course this was inevitable. Has been for eight years. And while I do not count myself as a "fan" of Secretary Clinton's, and will cast a largely symbolic vote for Senator Warren, should she appear on the MI Primary Ballot, I will be a strong supporter of her, and the Democrats going forward through next November and beyond.

Again... Who saw that coming, huh?

And while I say, "I'm not a fan," I want to be clear: I have NEVER, and I do mean NEVER, bought into any of the RW Conspiracy theory pseudo-scandal bullshit that has being circling around the Secretary since her earliest day as First Lady. Nor do I find her, "Divisive." Considering that trope comes from a RW media, RW Blogs and Beltway Press with a history of being hostile to Democrats in general, and Secretary Clinton in particular, I find it about as relevant, legitimate and accurate an opinion as... well, pretty much all the other verbal diarrhea these assholes vomit out on a nigh daily basis.

She's certainly not above criticism, but it's amazing how wrong her critics so often get it...

Tell me she's a Socialist? And you're an idiot.

Tell me she's too close to Wall Street? THEN you have a point.

Tell me a woman would make a weak President? And you're a sexist.

Tell me she's far too hawkish ? THEN you have a point.

IOW: Every one of her flaws are the few ways in which she is more like a Republican. That's HARDLY a reason to vote for the other guy. (The Republican.)

No, as Forward progressives put it so perfectly, the choice in November breaks down like this:

1) Do you want Hillary Clinton, someone who supports marriage equality; improving the Affordable Care Act; raising the minimum wage; equal pay for women; abortion rights; the separation of church and state; and immigration reform but might not be the perfect “liberal candidate” in all areas (though if we give her a Congress controlled by Democrats they can make her more liberal) - or -   
2) Do you want a Republican who literally opposes everything I just listed above, and will do just about everything within their power to undo any progress we've made these last six years, likely returning us to Bush-era economics and foreign policies.
...OR as another source who's name eludes me at the moment, but who I will replace her if I can find them:

It's a choice between someone who is completely fucking insane, and one who is... not.

And while they haven't even had my consideration since 2000 - and I was considering McCane, not Bush (NEVER Bush!) - given the current Republican Clown Car-like primary of Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, Rand Paul, Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, Rick Santorum, Donald Trump and Bobby Jindal?

This will be the EASIEST vote I've ever cast.

And no amount of Whitewater/Vince Foster/Benghazi-gate bullshit is going to change that.

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