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Saturday, April 11, 2015

More Unjustified Violence by Police

Another disgustingly obvious case of police brutality.

The Facebook comments are basically unanimous in condemning this. Personally, I just don't understand how many times we have to see this before we stop treating it like it's the exception.  There is no reason to pummel a man who is down, surrender and ready to be cuffed other than to work out their own frustrations.  And the Sheriff has the gall to say "IF" there was wrongdoing?!  What video did he watch?! There is not justification for this. This country desperately needs to be saved from itself.

Anyway, here are some amusing pics that will express how I'm feelign better than I could at this point. "Enjoy."

...Whoops!  How'd that last one get in there?!

And, uh, let's not forget the brutal murder, in cold blood of Walter Scott.

HE is at least being CHARGED.  (But then, so was Darren Wilson. We'll see what happens.)

While the Fascist Right will never invoke it. THIS is the best reason to not trust the Government!


  1. Oh, I'm glad you posted something about the most recent cop killing. IMHO, you are going to be very very upset at the result of the trial that will occur. The prosecutor is charging Slager with 1st degree murder. Big mistake! I read a very good article on this case (from a Berkeley Professor) that said the cops best hope will be to plea bargain for a lesser charge. I differ on that, I think it would be Slager's best option to face trial for 1st degree murder. If the jury is ONLY given the option of 1st degree murder or acquittal the jury will have no other choice but to find him innocent. There will be NO way anyone will be able to prove this guy planned this murder with "willful and premeditated with malice aforethought.". Unless there is some deep down secret life he's been living or has an extensive history of violence towards blacks and/or other minorities it just won't happen. The prosecutors best hope would be to get 2nd degree murder or involuntary manslaughter.
    The key to this case will be whether the jury is allowed to choose a lesser penalty or if they are stuck with choosing 1st degree murder or acquittal. Maybe these prosecutors (in these backward towns) are just so inept (or racist too) that they don't know the law or know the best way to get him off is to charge the max charge.
    Either way, if the jury isn't allowed to choose anything other than guilty or not-guilty of 1st degree murder then you cop haters will be protesting again soon claiming no justice when it is the actual system that would have failed you while you cry about the cops you say nothing about the ones who choose to let them off.
    The facts are if they are allowed to choose different penalties then the guy is toast and will face a death penalty to pay for the crime of murder. Whether he gets 2nd degree or involuntary manslaughter he will be killed in prison. He has nothing to lose be letting them charge him with 1st degree and taking his chances on that one alone. If he plea bargains he will go to jail, if he is found guilty of 1st degree (unlikely) he will go to jail. If he goes to jail he will be killed. And then you will finally have the "justice" you seek. Funny how you're ilk is so against the death penalty unless it involves people you don't like.

    1. I'll grant you one thing: 1st Degree is not the correct charge. Even I don't believe there was premeditation here. (Nor did I in the Brown case, the Zimmerman case, or indeed many others.) Like I said: We'll see how it all shakes out. If that's all they can convict on? Then I'd say the protested would have a valid point. There would be no justice. Murder-2 (or 3) or Manslaughter would be more appropriate. But before you get to excited there, let's not forget that "the system" is the problem here. It was the problem in Ferguson, where the DA shit-canned his own case. If incompetent OVER-charging does the same here? Then it is no different.

      As for the death penalty? I've said before that I differ from "my ilk" on that issue. If you look back far enough, you'll find the post were I had pretty much every one of my regulars at that time (Brabantion, Conchobhar, J LaRue, and ClassicLib, IIRC) against me. The thing is? There is no doubt about one thing here, the most important matter at hand: DID HE DO IT? (You know: The thing that someoen is exhonerated over on nearly a daily basis these days?)

      Yes, yes he did, and no one can deny that. We have video.

      WAS THEIR JUSTIFICATION? (Self-defense, etc...)

      The video pretty much shows that, NO, there wasn't. But that's a matter to be argued in court.

      Does that amount to the Death Penalty? Don't know. We'll see how that plays out.

      Should it? Well... He killed a man... shooting him in the back. That's some pretty cold blooded shit. So... If you believe that murderers should get "the chair?" Then I suppose it does.

      If you (like the law) require some manner of premeditation? Then, no, it doesn't. (Because, come on, there was no premeditation here. I think we can all agree on that.)

      But no one who kills a man in cold blood, shooting him in the back, deserves to get off.

    2. "Then I'd say the protested would have a valid point."

      No they will not have a valid point if they celebrate an arrest on a charge they should be smart enough to know cannot be prosecuted. It would simply show how stupid those people are for being mindless sheeple. The facts are those people (potential protestors) should be protesting right now over the fact that he is charged with a crime that cannot be proven and the guy will walk.

      "But before you get to excited there, let's not forget that "the system" is the problem here."

      Yeah, so start your protesting NOW before it is too late. Protest the ineptness of the prosecutor NOW, don't wait for the guy to get acquitted of a crime he can't be convicted of. That would simply show the ineptness of the protestors, too.

      "As for the death penalty?"

      And wooosh ... right over your head that one went. You don't have a clue what I was talking about, do you?

    3. "No they will not have a valid point if they celebrate an arrest on a charge they should be smart enough to know cannot be prosecuted."

      How can you protest something and celebrate it at the same time?

      If he is acquitted because the DA intentionally overcharged him, and denies the jury the possibility of convicting on a lesser charge, then they should protest. That would just amount to more intentional ineptitude on the part of the system. Remember: The DA's job is to make the charge STICK. In all of the high profile cases so far: Darren Wilson, George Zimmerman, etc... the DA has failed to do this. They’ve been incompetent. In some cases, I say deliberately. And victims have been denied justice.

      And celebrating the arrest on any terms is fine: At least this will likely go to trial. Again, unless the DA sabotages his own case, as in the Wilson case. AND... If that happens, people are right to be pissed about it! A case like this NEEDS to go to trial. And if the DA fails AGAIN to get Justice, then people are right to protest.

      Which part of this are you having trouble with?

      Or are you suggesting that the cop(s) in either video – or in the Brown case, or in the Tamir Rice case, or in the John Crawford case were somehow justified?

      As for what he will ultimately be tried for? We'll see how it goes. Personally I think the Murder-1 charge is a bargaining chip to get a plea. But we'll see.

      "And wooosh ... right over your head that one went. You don't have a clue what I was talking about, do you?"

      No, I just declined to dignify your typical "I hate libtards" nonsense with a direct reply. I gave you my opinion, in a more personal and analytic manner on the matter instead. Reading it over? I'll stand by what I believe to be the more appropriate reply.

      Also? I am never in favor of over-charging or over-punishing. That's a RIGHT Wing problem that you won't see celebrated here in ANY case.