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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Mixed Emotions on Bruce Jenner


  1. Bruce is rich and completely disconnected from the experience of the average person. That simple. He is fine. His family is largely supportive. He's doing very well, and he is shielded from the problems that most people deal with day to day. He has his own unique issues, as do we all. But he will never have to worry about being beaten or raped or killed because of who he is. He will never have to worry about bathrooms or dressing rooms because he will likely never find himself in a situation where someone will accost him in a threatening or aggressive way about it. He doesn't care because he doesn't have to. He's safe. Relatively speaking of course, I hope you understand.

    He also seems like a very nice but not very... complex?... person. He isn't particularly inclined to thinking broadly about things outside of his own personal experience. This is not uncommon with idly conservative people. The republican party offers a very soothing, comforting, old-home feeling to certain kinds of people, especially those who are oblivious to the corruption of all political parties. I can actually understand it. Change is scary. "Different" people are scary. The great big world out there is scary, and it's getting closer and closer to what's familiar and safe for us. The face presented by conservatism is almost innocent in it's simplicity.

    I'd say the same reasons apply to most Log Cabin Republicans but I'd be lying if I didn't say I believe the most obvious aspect to all that is that it comes down to basically "I'm okay. Why can't you be okay?" Or rather "I'm okay; fuck you." If the Log Cabin Republicans can be happy and successful and republican, fuck them other gays. No need to consider the complex differences that exist between all of us as members of a society and that maybe we should consider and address those differences so that we can all achieve a certain level of basic happiness that will elevate all of us as a collective whole. "Fuck you. I'm okay, so why aren't YOU okay? Figure out your shit."

    Lastly: I often wondered why many nerds, geeks, and outcasts have been turning out to be some of the staunchest conservative allies. Not only that, but some of the most bigoted, hateful, slithering, Gollums of political discourse. When I was a kid, I figured "There's no way we grow up to become like that. We're immersed in books and films that teach us the strength of individuality and difference and diversity. We're going to drag them kicking and screaming into the future, and they'll thank us." But no, same old shit, different graphic T-shirts.

    It's just that human beings like to have someone to look down on. Everyone wants to be higher on the totem pole. Minorities can scramble to be the "best" minority, promoting negative stereotypes about others. Gays can sneer at Bi people. Bi people can question Trans people. Awkward social outcasts can slut-shame attractive women and question the integrity of those who suffer abuse. And a Log Cabin Republican can be a conservative republican because they're doing okay now, and they're comfortable with the way things are.

  2. Latest news: Bruce loves to wear high heels and have 'girl parties'. Wow, the things people will talk about just to make the nes.

  3. I'll let the "market" deal with that ignorant comment and limit my comments to inviting you to tune into IMHO on 5/5 where my guest might give you s broader understanding of what's really going on here. Link to the station and schedule in my recent post.

  4. You're really not that important to me. I'll just post my snippets of information that help you get through the day. I know you love hearing about Bruce Jenner so much that you had to create an entire article strictly about him. So, poo on you if you think I'm gonna do as you say or worry about your "market".

  5. *shrugs shoulders*

    Thanks for you comment.