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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Coming up...

I'm happy to announce that IMHO RADIO will be expanding to include a Sunday Afternoon show! While the Tuesday show has been almost exclusively an interview show so far, and will continue to be for as long as I can keep finding great and interesting guests that want to come on. The plan is for the Sunday show to be more along the lines of the videos that I had been doing prior to taking this gig, just riffing off of stories that I find throughout the week, and giving my take on the issues of the day.  The first of these will be this Sunday, 6/14.

I mentioned in the last post that next week's show (6/16) will feature Suzanne DeWitt Hall, who's new book, Rumplepimple is now available on Amazon. (I've got my copy coming!) Suzanne and I had a great conversation, covering the book, Popes John Paul and Francis (and that guy in the Middle), and how a strait Catholic woman and a straight Baptist woman get together, marry and reconcile faith and sexuality.

Following that, on 6/23, I'm hosting Aneesh Sheth and Jeremy Behrens.  Aneesh is the creator of CRAVE, a new Net Series about three friends starring Aneesh as Maggie, a transwoman struggling to become an actress, Jeremy as Bobbi, a gay man stuck in a dead-end job and an abusive relationship and Angela DiMarco as Karen, a military wife with struggling with infertility and a marriage that is no longer the same after he husband come homes from a year in Afghanistan.  While we're waiting, go check out their pilot episode, and if you like what you see, support their kick-starter so that a full season can become a reality!

And then on 6/30, we've got Jessica Udischas, creator of the web-comic Manic Pixie Nightmare Girls, which gives a bitingly satirical look at life as transgender woman, putting up with cissexism, transmisogyny, bigots, bad allies, great friends and REAL LIFE. If you like what you see there and would like to support this comic, please visit her Patreon!

I want to thank everyone again for coming on and speaking with me, everyone who's tuned in and helped to make the show a success and especially Barbara for giving me this opportunity.

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