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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Classic Liberal, you have a message from Okiepoli

(No one else needs to read this, I'm just tryin' to help a brother out.)


First of all, please don't "skewer [Okiepoli] without understanding where [he's] coming from."

LOL.  He's may be a self-admitted Conservative, but as Archie Bunker might say, "It's OK, he's one of the good ones."

He had a question for you, and tried to contact you through me but, strange as it is, for as often as you comment here, I don't seem to have your email address, and couldn't find any contact info in your profile either.  (And until know, completely forgot about it.) (Sorry, Okie!)

Anyway... Here's his email:


I looked (briefly) on The Left Hook blog for contact info for classicliberal, but couldn't find it. If you have classicliberal's email, would you forward the following:


I've seen some of your Limbaugh writings and was wondering if you could help me with this (original post to John Paradox on MMfA:)


OT but, since you seem to be a font of classic Limbaugh knowledge:

Way back then, Rush was trying to make a point about media bias, and compared the number of Lexis/Nexis hits on Newt's book deal and Ron Brown's real estate deal.

I remember because he stated the methodology of his search. When he used an unequal number of search terms, I knew he was doing what he always accused the 'liberal' media of doing - skewing the results to support his point. That's when he lost me as a listener.

I tell you this tale simply to ask - do you have a direct quote for what I'm talking about?

Thank you both for your time,
okiepoli (at) gmail.com

And Classic, if you just aren't in the habit of emailing / giving people your email thas cool.  You two can feel free to talk through this thread instead.  I certainly have no problem with it.

1 comment:

  1. My email address is classicliberal2@operamail.com, and I apologize for apparently leaving it off my profile all this time! I thought I'd told it to display, and just never looked at it again (it's displayed on every page of the old Left Hook! site, before I went blog. In any event, I've just fixed the problem at the blog, too.

    Unfortunately, I don't have any direct quotes from Limbaugh about this incident, nor do I remember it. I have a pretty extensive archive of tapes from those years, and actually produced most of a book from it, but it's hardly comprehensive.

    If I had to guess, I'd say Limbaugh was probably quoting some other crackpot org like the Media Research Center, which specializes in that sort of nonsense, and which Limbaugh has quoted over the years. The comparison of Brown to Gingrich is nonsense in the first place, and reeks of the MRC, as does the "fixing" of the search terms (and it would be VERY unlike Limbaugh to do anything resembling original research on his own).