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Monday, October 18, 2010

Guys: Go and read Left Hook!

Seriosuly.  Stop wasting your time here listening to me prattle on about about "gay" stuff like "whores" and go read something of substance for Pete's sake! (Then... come back here whne your done... 'casue... this place is cool and junk.) LOL

But seriously, after a bit of a hiatus (sorry Class, but you have to admit you did kind of go kind of dormant there for awhile!) ;) ClassicLiberal has a posted a series of well written, hard hitting pieces showing how absolutely clueless Obama really is; how the "Liberal" media keeps covering for the Right, especailly  when it comes to all that forgien money pouring in undiscolsed, thanks to the good old, Citizens United decision; and finally showing that when you start covering for the Rigth, you also start to forget what certain words actually mean, like... racist, or sexist, or freedom, or... HYPOCRISY.  (That, and you get a lot more easy to debunk. Trivially easy, in fact, provided anyone's actually listening!)

Anyway it's great stuff, and he's not feeling anywhere near the love that he truly deserves from the blogosphere these days, so get over there and check it out! 

I was going to do some of that stuff here at some point, but there's nothing more I could add to what he's already done, so there's no point in my trying.  So I'll stick the B-List celebrities and their battles with the PC Police over minutia, and let him handle the heavy lisfting.  No I won't. LOL.  But this week, it's all him.

So get over there and LEARN SOMETHING!

Oh... and he had something on Conpsiracies, but I can't talk about that... They might be listening!


  1. You didn't have to do that, Eddie, but I thank you for it.

    Your blog is actually much more entertaining than my dry, stuffy prose.

  2. I can assure you that there is nothing I do here that is not both genuine and sincere. I truly mean every word I say... At least at time I said it! ;)

    And thanks again, BTW, for your kind words.

  3. It looks like we accomplished some little something today, too:

  4. Not "we" dude: I still hadn't done anything with it yet! That email is still on my "to do" list! It's all you!

    And hey, people: Go check THAT out as well. See for yourself that it goes well beyond just Fox and AM talk radio. The "liberal" media runs just as much cover for them!

  5. Money is the only story of America, not just the only story in american politics as classicliberal2 claims in one of the above mentioned articles.

    If America fails to make all the money she needs to fill in the gaps (or make believe she can fill in the gaps) among the many ethnicities that make her up, then it's the End. And as it appears, America is getting short of money.

  6. Duta,

    You're right about MONEY. But that's just the surface issue. The deeper question is, "WHY?" WHY are we like this? And WHY does "it appear, America is getting short of money."

    I'm with you on the MONEY part, but I have a feeling we'll disagree more on the two WHY's. And that's also an area where I think MOST posters will disagree, or have differentopinions about.

    What's the CAUSE and what's the SOLUTION?

    THAT's the real question!

    Thanks for your comment.