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Friday, October 22, 2010

NPR Fallout

okie, your email is going to have to wait...

Metal Matt left this link in the Juan / Queen post's comments section.  It's a petition urging Congress not to cave to the Right and their hissy fit over Juan Williams ouster. 


We all know the Democrats are as useless as they are spineless, but just as the site says: we cannot let them do to a critical resource like NPR what they did to Acorn, Shirley Sherrod and Van Jones.

This insanity must stop.  Hit the link. Sign the petition. Pass it on. And, even more importantly:

We cannot allow objective reporting to be hijacked by partisan politics.

Maybe it was Muslims that attacked us on 9/11.  But that's going on ten years ago. The biggest threat to our freedom RIGHT NOW are these Right-Wing Fascists like Sarah Palin and all the others.  You know how they always cry about the first amendment when WE, PRIVATE CITIZENS want to organize a boycott of Fox's, or of Glenn Beck's sponsors?  That ain't the first amendment!  We're not the Government!  But what they want to do, right now? Is to USE the power to of the Government to punish NPR!  That is a far greater violation of the spirit of the first amendment.  Particularly when it comes down to a non-profit, public resource being bullied over partisan squabbles.  NPR was within theirr rights.  The Right is exceeding theirs.



  1. If this goes down the wrong way, like ACORN did, I see my new retirement strategy:

    I'll get a "Kill Obama" tee-shirt, bumper-sticker, sandwich-board, etc., parade around at work (remember, DOD civilian employee) 'till I get fired, and sue for a zillion dollars - wrongful termination and THEY VIOLATED MY FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS!!1!one.

    Gad! Some people's willful ignorance of junior-high civics is appalling.

    Call my Senator? Really? Senator/Doctor (depending on who he wants to impress) Tom (co-sponsor of the defund ACORN bill) COBURN ?

    (sorry, didn't mean to get any on ya')

    In the spirit of 'punishment-fitting-the-crime,' analogous to beating over the head with dictionaries for word-twisters; beating over the head with the Constitution! (pocket version for the ignorant, the real deal in its metal and bulletproof glass, hermetically-sealed case for the willful misusers.)


  2. @okiepoli - I'd advise against that particular retirement strategy. That sort of thing only work for for real idiots, and in the words of Chef Skinner, "You, my friend, are no idiot."

    As for putting in a call to Coburn's office?

    Hells, yes! Call him and tell what an unprincipled crook he's shown himself to be and that "THIS Conservative Republican will be campaigning for the Democrat." It may not do any GOOOD, but it may be satsfying on a personal level never the less.

    Of course, I assume the Republican's are a lost cause. (Big Surprise.) So the main point is not to change their minds, so much as to make sure the Democrats don't buckle. Especially those flea-bitten Blue Dogs.

    Thanks for your comment, I'll finally get around to respondeing to your email next post.

  3. Thanks for reposting, Eddie.

    Might I recommend signing up for CREDO Mobile's email updates? They have petitions of this nature (usually against something stupid conservatives are doing) all the time. Every now and then they do some shameless "Hey, we're liberal, come join OUR cell phone service!" garbage, but hey they've gotta stay in business somehow.