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Friday, October 1, 2010

Gold Star Awards, September, 2010

Yeah, yeah, I know, they're a day late.  No one reads these entries anyway, so sue me. LOL

We're up to 1953 - and that means two golds, and two... (*ahem*) lesser metals.

The Dizzy Dean Gold Star #24: Republicans for Obama

I just like these guys!  If the Republican Party, were more like these dudes? I'd still be a Republican. Oh, I'd still be a centrist / maverick / soclially liberal / libertarian type, but these guys support Obama for pretty much the same reason I DO: He's a moderate, and he's got good ideas.

If there is a single element of the Republican Party left that doesn't put Party interests WAAAY ahead of those of the country, these guys represent it.

The Al Simmons Gold Star #25: Open Secrets

If there is a single force in politics MORE destrucutive than Religion... Wait... No, sorry, strike that: Religion will ALWAYS be number one. 

But what will consistantly rank a very distant second is CORPORATE INTERESTS.  And I absolutley hold to this principle regardless of Party.  (After all, all of the worst parts of every Obama policy have corporate fingerprints all over them!)  So I'd have no problem requiring public disclsoure from politicians recieveing money from ANY such group.  (Even those whiny little bitches over at the NRA!)  Since we'll basically NEVER have that, I salute these guys who are doing the next best thing and EXPOSING who's getting what.  It sad that this is needed in an open, Democratic society, but as long as it is I hope these guys keep up the good work!

The Chief Bender Iron Star: BigGovernment

September 2010 markes the one-year anniversary of a website "presented by" the worst journalist who ever lived, not named "James O'Keefe:" Andrew Brietbart's BigGovernment.  Few greater repositories of Rigth-Wing spin and out-Right misinformation have ever been spawned.  Mister Breitbart? You have accomplished a truly ignoble achievement in your work. Congratulations. If there is a God in heaven and justice on this earth, you will die a very poor, very hungry, very lonely and despised man.

BTW... This "honor" is meant to represent ALL of the "Big" sites.  I'm not wasting anymore keystrokes in the future on a waste of donor organs like Andrew Brietbart.

The Bobby Wallace Iron Oxide Star: The Blaze

What better way to honor the birthday of one of the web's most vomit inducing sites than to simulataneously honor the site it inspired: Glen Beck's, the Blaze.


Do I really need to say anything else here? I mean... It's fucking Glenn Beck for fucksake!  Glenn Beck, following the inspiration of Andrew Breitbart!  Do you really expect me to top that?!

"Can you lead me though this minefield?" said Ray Charles to Stevie Wonder.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Open Secrets is one of my favorite tools to employ when I feel the need to use the motivations of my representatives against them.
    I'll be sure to check out Republicans for Obama.
    As for the last two, well, let's say I disagree with your summary - Ray and Stevie are not blind by choice.
    "Can you help me design this chalkboard?" said Walter Mitty to Iago.

  2. Touche, but... "The Parrot leading the Fantasy-Prone" is hardly a well-known saying. ;)

    Thanks for your comment though!

  3. Eddie;

    You confused me, I had to turn to teh Google.
    Mitty, correct - Iago however, was the evil, scheming bastard in Othello.

    I actually meant the comment to work on more than that level. On the first level, Andy is the duplicitous, trusted adviser; while Glenn is the hapless idiot with delusions of grandeur. The second level acknowledges the fact that both of these are mere characters, portrayed be skilled actors - leading willing audiences to suspend their disbelief. (Although I have to admit, method acting can be taken to unhealthy extremes.)

  4. LOL, OMG, what a fucking worldly yokel I am, huh? Here I thought you were talking about Jafar's pet parrot from Aladdin. LOL. SHAKESPEARE. Yeah. NOT Disney. LOL. Let's not try to raise the cultural level of discourse around here TOO HIGH now, OK? LOL. Might be over SOME PEOPLE'S heads, you know? LOL.

    Yeah, I see what you're saying. It was just too clever a line for me to get the first through I guess.


    Thanks for the folow-up. LOL