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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Take the test!


Sorry... still channeling Cthulu...

Hey, I took a Liberal-Coservative test that I found through facebook just now:


I don't think it's anything profound, but it's pretty quick (just 12 "a or b" questions that you assign a priority to) and I got a score of 84.14% Liberal on both the first six and the complete set of 12 questions.

So if you have about 2 minutes to kill, do me a favor: Take the test (once) and post your score in the comments section. Just your score now, let's leave the deep philosphical discussions for a later post, once we all tally up.

I just though it might be fun to see how all of my minions readers rank. 


  1. You are 84.14% Liberal

  2. My score on this idiotic thing was the same as everyone else's (84.14%). I wonder if there's any way to get a different score? What would it take to be 100%, for example?

    (The quiz was, I suspect, created by a conservative--nearly every question has conservative framing)

  3. 84.14 only on the first 6, then down to 77.56. Yet I was never crazy enough to vote for Dole...

    I suspect that if there is any topic you're not interested in, it makes you less liberal.

  4. LOL... OMG. OK, we can stop now. EVERYONE'S getting 84.14? I KNOW that can't be right. Y'all HAVE to be a more diverse group that THAN! There's no way I can argue about Religion with Steeve, Health Care with Clasic, Free Speech with DellDolly, and yet have 4 out of 4 of us get the exact same score, out to two deciaml places!

    I'm sorry to wasted your time guys. I really am. I thought it might be some mindess fun, to see how we rank. Instead it was just mindless.

    (Of course, I guess we proved that it's all bunk, but that wasn't my original plan!)

    I'm really sorry about that. I'll vet my games a little better in the future. This vetting process was more akin to the 2008 Republican Panel To Find a Suitable Vice-President:

    "Hmmm.... This one looks pretty good!"

    I'm really sorry about that. I'll do better next time, I promise.

  5. Nope, not here. I got a 79.77% liberal. I think it's how I "weighted" the answers with the bar on the right. However, I consider my self more "left-centrist" than liberal. But those questions were hot button questions, most of which I'm liberal on.

  6. I got a 79.06% liberal.

  7. Oh OK... maybe there's SOMETHIGN to it. So lets' see... so far its:

    ClassicLiberal, Niceguy Eddie & n-eh: 84.14%
    Sammy: 79.77%
    Silky977: 79.06%
    Steeve: 77.56%

    LOL I figured I'd be to the Left of Steeve, ;), but I also figured I'd be to the Right of Classic. (LOL - of course, it's also a completely idiotic test! LOL)

    I would have assumed it was just a strait, weigthed average, with Con answers cancelling out Lib answers, assuming there were any. If that was the case though, it would be remarkable that four of us got the same score, to two decimal palces, even on just the first six questions. We may all vote the same, but what are the odds we all weighted them the same?

  8. I was 82.78% Liberal on the final score but I was 84.14 after the first six....I am 100% on gay marriage and war but I am less so on stem cell research(remember I am really religious!) but even so I was not too far to the right of you.

  9. You are 84.14% Liberal

    Biased questions - hot button issues that really have little to do with good governance.


  10. Bwahahaha! Oh, don't give me THAT! I TOLD you you were really a closet LIBERAL! I didn't think you'd be quite as liberal as both me AND Classic, but hey: The NUMBERS DON'T LIE!

    (My god, what a useless exercise!)

  11. First six, big surprise: You are 84.14% Liberal

    Last six, yet another big surprise: You are 84.14% Liberal

    Sorry it took so long to post my results, I was trying for at least 10 minutes to slide the bar beyond "100%" significance on the question that asks whether the ten commandments should be posted in government buildings.

  12. LOL I'm starting to wonder what Sammy, Silky and Steeve & Jlaure ahd to do to get a differetn score. OK, yeah, I know, answer Conservatively on at least one question, but, unless they (all) weighted it/them like "10" even just one question shouldn't left the scores so close. -OR- On the other side of the coin: WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO GET A HIGHER SCORE?! Because there's NO WAY five of us could possibly have the same weighted average (and seven of us on just the dfirst six!) down to two deciaml places. A result like that defies all common mathematical sense.

  13. Okay. I think my numbers will help mix things up a bit! I was 58.31% Liberal for the first 6 but my overall score was 72.77% Liberal (although I think it would have been closer to the middle ten years ago)...

  14. Pegging everything 100% to the left topped out at 84.14% liberal. That can't be an accurate assessment, then.

  15. @Kevin - Wierd. Reading your stuff I really had you pegged as more liberal than that. I totally hear you about being closer to the center 10 yeas ago. From my POV it's not so much that I've moved to the left so much as the center got yanked to the right and the right completely lost its mind.

    @DellDolly - So... were you just seeing what would happen, or are you really THAT liberal? (Not that there's anything wrong with that!)

    Yeah, it's a bunch of garbage. I really sorry to have wasted everyone's time with it. LOL.